The greatest opportunity is right now

Pivotal Period

For those lucky enough to be positioned at this pivotal period in the “arc of life” with the means to invest will benefit at a rate far greater than is traditionally expected.

Right now there is such an opportunity that exists in the “aging out” process of an entire generation or hard working, dedicated, and successful entrepreneurs and small business owners across the US.

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Endeavor to empower and expand

Growth Opportunity

These owners are willing to sell at a multiple not to exceed 3 times EBITDA (3x) for a variety of reasons. All of which are beneficial to the fund. First, they are not as money motivated as their younger peers, and therefore the overall price is less important than the care of their employees and what the next chapter of their legacy will look like.

In opposition to parallel funds that cut and maximize for artificial profits and a quick exit; we endeavor to empower and expand the existing platform of success by leveraging both the existing cash and “people capital” that already exists for much larger and stable future returns.

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Maximum Investment Opportunities

The 3x Fund will maximize the opportunity by purchasing businesses that have the following similar traits: (not industry specific)

  • Stable Cash Flow

  • Management Teams in place

  • Scalability

  • Fills a market/community need

  • Demonstrated Market Stability

3x Fund can demonstrate unprecedented cash on cash returns annually with immediate investor cash distributions ( no down time between investment and distribution) with a clear exit strategy and full recapture of investment in 3-5 years if so desired.

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